Free Worldwide Shipping 2-3 Weeks USA 2-8 Weeks International
Shipping times within the United States 2-6 Weeks
Shipping times for the rest of the World 2-9 Weeks
Our products are shipped from warehouses all around the world, therefore shipping times vary from customer to customer.
Please note that 
aren't always available, updated or correct.
We try our best to provide you with above-mentioned information and make sure that your products arrive safely.
Once an order has been placed it can't be cancelled due to shipping times or miss understandings of the terms. Ones you receive your package and it matches the return policy terms you may return your order. 
We are not responsible for orders that failed delivery attempt.
What happens after a failed delivery attempt?

Depending on your address, the courier service provider will leave it either at a parcel shop or depot. The depot is a building of the courier company, usually located in bigger cities. Parcel shops are collection points for parcels which you can find everywhere, from supermarkets to copy shops. To find the nearest depot or parcel shop, simply check the website of the courier.

Your parcel will remain at the depot or parcel shop for five working days. Be aware that after five working days, the parcel will be returned to the sender. Once the courier company returns the package, it is considered to be delivered and the customer will not be compensated.

It may also depend on the delivery address. For locations that are hard to reach, courier companies may only attempt delivery once. This is the case for example for some islands in Greece. These islands are only reachable by plane which is why logistics service providers will not go there everyday.

In this case, you will have to contact your local post office and try to schedule a second delivery date or pick it up at the post office.
The tracking numbers provided to you are usually trackable through a third party website 
Do not worry just be patient.
Your order will arrive in the above mentioned time period !!!
Thank you for your understanding!
Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions