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Tips For The Perfect Boho Look

Tips to Achieve Boho Fashion Looks

An important key element in bohemian fashion is the colors. Typical boho colors are rich and warm in color. So focus on black, brown, cream white,  burnt orange, ivory, khaki & olive green as your main fashion color palette.


With the basics, you can add minimal splashes of color with other jewelry pieces. Splash fashion finds with gold, silver, grays, dark red, deep purple and other vibrant colors to create a perfect palette. Remember to keep the color combinations simple with colors that compliment one another and also with no more than 3-4 colors.


As much as you may love the bohemian fashion look it's important to add your own style to the mix and we can help you make it your own. Not everyone suits the traditional boho colors stated here which are neutrals and not necessarily flattering on all skin tones...but that’s OK. Some of the colors might come out too strong or weak depending on what skin tone, hair and eye color you have. 


This look screams summer!

Beautiful bohemian off shoulder dress.

To assist in this you might want take a color tone assist test to see and identify your best colors. Color is pure science so focus on selecting the right ones which prevent you from killing your appearance is huge! Some colors simply just don’t work on some skin tones so find the ones that work best on you.


Another color palette selection is just to use neutrals to adjust the temperature of the colors. For example, wear gold to warm up black or gray. 



 For more Boho looks take a look in our featured Summer Collection!



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